Problems in paradise, undressed united divided because of the most expensive!

A series of bad games and results raises tensions in the big clubs, and so it is at Manchester United.

The English media revealed today that there is a divided opinion about Jaydon Sancho in the dressing room, and that many do not like the game, but also the behavior of the young striker.

The saga, which lasted literally two years, received an epilogue that Borussia Dortmund pulled a huge amount of money and sold it for the sum of about 100 million euros, which is 25 less than what the Germans demanded. last summer.

Fans believed they finally had a player who could be a leader like Cristiano Ronaldo a decade and a half ago. After that, Ronaldo came back, and United fans were in a trance.

However, everything fell apart quickly. United are desperate, they don’t have a head or a tail, even if on paper they seem to have it all. Sancho has been the target of criticism for several weeks, and today it has been leaked that some players think he doesn’t deserve to be a beginner.

An even bigger problem for them is their behavior in training and the fact that they have protection from the club and the manager, so they “have to play” as the most expensive. However, now that Rashfrod is back, and Greenwood is the best player since the start of the season, Sancho has not lost the bench.

United will face Atalanta this week, following Liverpool, and we shouldn’t miss a single game. Will Sancho be the beginner and this would create an even bigger problem?


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