Quick tips for creating and maintaining white interiors

Each room has its favorite white color, and that depends mainly on the amount of light in the room and the effect you want to achieve. For more modern environments, it is better to choose an icy, sharp, to speak the lightest white color, while for the more traditional European look, a choice of white with a warmer look is much better.

However, completely white interiors can sometimes look quite sterile, which can be good if you want the space to be minimal and modern, like a gallery. However, if comfort, convenience and hobbies are what you want for your home, it is important to add a mix of natural elements (flowers, green) and rich textures (interesting rugs, pillows, etc.) to the white environment.

Also, never underestimate the power of good lighting and beautifully framed works of art on a scale as large as possible. Elements that help make the space feel alive provide a great balance to a quieter environment. The beauty of the completely white interiors is that thanks to them, the art really stands out and at the same time leaves space to create different combinations.

photo: Karyn Millett


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