Reduce your risk of heart attack by 86%!

November 18, 2021– The author:

RULE FIVE FACTORS: Reduce your risk of heart attack by 86%!

Recent research suggests that there are five key factors that can help reduce the risk of heart attack by 86 percent.

According to scientists, the following factors are in question: a healthy diet, exercise, no excessive alcohol consumption, non-smoking and maintaining a slim figure.

After monitoring more than 20,000 healthy men for 11 years, Swedish scientists have discovered that each of these factors, which are part of life habits, can reduce the risk of heart attack, and when combined. , the effects are amazing. In fact, by practicing all five of these factors, four of the five coronary heart diseases in men can be prevented.

Your daily choices for your health are far more than you think. “Today’s drugs are important and effective, but there is no magic pill or modern technology that is more important for preventing heart attack than a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Mark Urman, cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

During the research, it was determined that healthier men drink less than two alcoholic beverages a day, do not smoke and keep a waist circumference below 94 centimeters. They also walk or ride a bike for 40 minutes a day, and set aside at least an hour during the week for vigorous exercise. The diet includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, dairy, whole grains and fish.

Combining all five factors, all men reduced their risk of heart attack by 86 percent, compared to those boys who did not practice any of these healthy habits.

Because each factor individually reduces heart attack, even men who practice one or two healthy habits can significantly reduce the risk of this heart disease. That is, non-smokers had the greatest benefits, reducing the risk of heart attack by 36 percent, while a healthy diet reduced this risk by 18 percent. Maintaining waist circumference reduces the risk of heart attack by 12 percent, moderate alcohol consumption by 11 percent, while regular exercise reduces the risk by 3 percent.

“The more you exercise, avoid cigarettes and try to avoid the loops around your waist, the better are your chances of avoiding a heart attack. It’s definitely the best synergistic effect of all the habits mentioned, ”Urman said.


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