Sasa Ilic creates champions, as if he were in Partizan!

Sasa Ilic, Cukaricki’s coach He said the team needs continuity of good results because the club should not be happy with mediocre ones and said he works systematically with the young football players from whom he wants to make winners.

“I want to see the winners in the dressing room. Cukaricki is not a club that should be satisfied with two good results, then a bad one. The fact is that the club is made up of mostly young people, under 21, the fact it’s that we need time, but we also need to think about the outcome and the continuity of play in Europe, ”he said. said Ilic for the club’s website.

In the last round, Cukaricki beat TSC with 2: 1 and went to third place on the table.

“We also had a bit of luck against TSC, but it came back to us to some extent for the game with Radnik at home, in which we deserved the victory. We played well, only then we didn’t manage to materialize, now we are. We deserve third place. Against TSC, the men have really had a great desire to win and this has decided the question of the winner. It is up to us now to establish continuity. “, said Ilic.

He said the team had a lot of misfortune even before coming to the club.

“A large number of players were out of line, and experienced ones, who are the leaders of the team. But, Cukaricki has shown that he has very talented kids, ready to take every chance that comes his way. At this club , everything is done according to plan, young boys have the opportunity to play, and now the situation has been such that they have had to take more focus before, than would normally be the case under normal circumstances. “ Ilic added.

In the match in Backa Topola, 17-year-old Bojan Kovacevic and one-year-old Uros Drezgic were on defense.

“Age means nothing to me. I have no problems with young players on the team. I’m more prone to mistakes, it’s hard to get excellent results with kids right away, but I started playing relatively young myself. It’s up to us in the professional staff to direct them to the right “The best way to achieve this goal is, so to speak, to play every game under stress”. said Ilic.

There is a two-week break in the Super League due to the obligations of national teams in the World Cup qualifiers, after which Cukaricki will play two games on Banovo brdo, against Vojvodina and Proleter, then in Loznica in Cup, and at the end of the month in Humska against Partizan, that Ilic is former captain.

“That’s why it’s so important that we continue with our excellent work, that the national team comes back into us in good shape, that the guys who have recovered from injuries join the training at all. There’s still time. until the match against Vojvodina, it will be another derby round “, said Ilic.

“The championship is quite long, so we have to think from game to game. It’s clear that it won’t be easy for us in any game. To achieve the final goals this season, we need continuity.” said Ilic.


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