Seven tips to save water

We often don’t know that saving water also saves a family budget.

In homes in the West, more than half of the total amount of water is used in the bathroom. That is why special attention is needed here. Data from the Watervise portal says that although Earth is often called the blue planet, of all the planet’s waters, there is less than 1% of the available fresh water we can use. As a result, the demand for water suitable for human consumption is still high.

There are many ways to save water, especially in our bathrooms.

  1. Install a water-saving shower

A water-saving shower head limits the amount of water that flows through it. Newer models usually reduce the amount of water consumed by almost 50%, but it also provides you with a pleasant showering experience. However, it is important to note that a water-saving shower head is not suitable if the water pressure is low.

  1. Reduces shower time

Also a one minute minute reduction shower leads to a 10% saving in water use. Although it may be insignificant, the amount of water saved during the month or year is significant.

Another important way to save water is to turn off the shower while applying the bath.

  1. Check for permanent drops and leaks

A leaking faucet can not only disturb your peace, but can also lead to water loss, which can be avoided. But sometimes the leaks are not so obvious.

You don’t hear any drops of water and there are no signs of water anywhere. The only way to detect (or even suspect) a groundwater leak in your home is to monitor your consumption regularly. If there is a jump in water consumption that you can’t explain, it could be a clear indicator of a leak. A drop in water pressure may be another sign.

4. Save water while shaving

Some people like to keep their faucet open while shaving or brushing their teeth. Although this practice is a common habit, you should consume a few liters of water each day. It is best to turn off the tap during shaving. An effective way to save water while shaving is to recharge wash with a little water and rinse the rasa in it. An electric shaver can be another solution that will save you a lot of water, so you won’t have to use shaving cream or gel.

  1. Save water when you take a bath

Previously, about 12 liters of water were used for each toilet flow. However, huge savings were made from the rinse stop feature that appeared, followed by a double rinse. Based on a budget, everyone cisterns with dual flush and flush stop functions installed since 1998, they have saved 28.1 billion cubic meters of water so far compared to traditional rinsing systems. In 2018 alone, 2,880 million cubic meters of water were saved. This is more than half of the annual consumption in all German households.

  1. Keep water in the tub – fill halfway to avoid spilling

Yes, while she was taking a bath use the bathtub, fills only half full. This way, you can minimize water damage. Remember to close the drain immediately when filling the tub with water.

  1. Use damp cloths instead of water to clean the surface of the bathroom

Wet wipes are ideal for cleaning bathroom surfaces. They wipe the floor better than paper towels. The advantage of using damp towels is that you can clean the surface in your bathroom without the use of harsh and heavy chemicals. Wet wipes are a great cleaning option because they effectively remove impurities from your bathroom.

Saving effective water in the bathroom is not a difficult task, but it just needs a little more care with the proper use. health products.


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