Skater’s Paradise: The front of this house has become a guide ramp

Looking from the inside, the curved wall becomes a kind of sculptural element that can be seen through the stairs and a large window. The interior is completely covered in wood and includes a small living room with a black fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen. The stairs in this part of the house lead further towards the bedroom and the bathroom, so it cannot be said that this specific house lacks space.

In addition, it is 100% sustainable and has photovoltaic panels as well as a solar hot water tank, using water from a nearby river and a rainwater storage system, while waste is treated in a biodigester.

The house was built on pillars because of its position in the flood zone, while the construction consists of a steel structure and wooden panels. The stairs serve to connect the ground with the shed, which, thanks to the external lighting, becomes the most impressive at night, so the skate ramp can be used freely even when it is dark.

Source: Contemporary


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