– BL – Bayern’s new mistake!

Author: Aleksandar Obrenović

Saturday 12.03.2022.


Union Berlin welcomed Stuttgart to the capital today, they were close to victory as they lead until the end of the game.

The host took the lead with 1: 0, but they experienced a shock at the end.

The first goal of this match was scored by one of the Bundesliga’s top scorers, Taje Avonia, from a penalty in the 41st minute of the match. Of course, the guests were a better rival in this match, but the guests were equal.

Sasa Kalajdzic did this in the 90th minute of the game.

In the duel between Freiburg and Wolfsburg, the home team won – 3: 2. The home team got a big advantage, first of all thanks to Vincenzo Griff, who with two goals in the first half thought he had solved a lot in this game. He scored in the 7th and 44th minutes, and then Cruze managed to reduce the score to just 52 minutes.

The result was strong until the end, when Arnold scored for 2: 2 in the 85th minute. However, that was not all. The guest scored all three points through Schlotenbeek in the 89th minute.

Hoffenheim welcomed the current champions, Bayern Munich, and there was no winner here either – 1: 1.

Bayern, who now have 10 points more than Dortmund and one more game, lost in the 32nd minute, after the home side’s counterattack happened, Raum was on the left side, centered, and with an acrobatic shot. Baumgartner managed to defeat Neuer by 1: 0.

However, Lewandowski was questioning something, scoring a new goal, 29th in 26 games in the Bundesliga. Kimih’s cantonment was waiting, the highest was the Pole in the jump and scored by 1: 1 in the second minute of the first half.

Bayern were a better rival until the end, but they did not materialize their superiority, Posh finally managed to throw the ball out of the goal line when the Bayern players demanded a penalty, but there was no change in outcome.


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