– Savic pred Zvezda

Cukaricki’s football player, Milan Savic, said his team against Crvena Zvezda will be strongly motivated to come to a triumph.

The change on the bench for “Brdjan” was obviously pleasant to the team. Instead of Dušan Đorđević, the legendary Sasa Ilić was expressly nominated and on his debut recorded a 3: 0 triumph.

Young midfielder Milan Savić shared his first impressions after working with Ilić.

“It was up to us players to make it as easy for them as possible. Of course, already during the first training sessions we saw that we could learn a lot from them, that we could progress a lot during the work together. We had a great reason. , we also played for a new coach, we also wanted to get back on the winning track, ” Savic said for the club’s website.

During the first interview as head of the profession, Sasa Ilic revealed that he would force a faster game.

“We’ve seen how it is played in Europe, it’s football at a higher level in relation to our league. During the matches in the Conference League, it was clear to us that we needed to speed up the game, unfortunately on the pitches. Serbia is completely different. We will try and in this segment we will grow during the season. “

Savic spent several years in the younger selections of the Red Star, so a special match awaits him.

“There should be no special emotions in football, but I have always been in Zvezda for six or seven years. There is certainly emotion, but also not too much. Each of us will give our best in the next game,” he said. . he said.

When asked what outcome he will be satisfied with, Savic replies that victory is the only thing that could satisfy his taste.

“We know against whom we play, but I’ve never gone for a point, I’ve never been happy with a draw. A good result would be a win, not only against Zvezda, but also in every game we play this season.” Savic finished.


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