Steak with sesame seeds and almonds


This salty treat is getting ready if like any other, only almonds and sesame provide an additional beauty to this dish. Also, if you like a more spicy taste, you can eventually add curry, soy sauce or hot tomato sauce.  


Ingredients for two people:

– 4 pork steaks

– two tablespoons of olive oil

– a chopped onion head

– 10 g of coarsely chopped almonds

– two tablespoons of sesame

– a cube of soup

– 1 dl sour cream

– Then, pepper, water

– glass of white wine (optional)


In a large skillet, fry the steak in olive oil, add chopped onion, almonds, sesame seeds, cube of soup and spices. Next, pour water, and when you have verified that the meat is not completely fried, gradually add the sour cream. If you want to improve the taste, finally, pour white wine over the steak. Preparing meals does not take more than an hour.


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