Stray dogs are not dangerous, so what to do if you find a pack of dogs

April 14, 2022

Stray dogs are not dangerous, so what to do if you find a pack of dogs

It’s a big handicap when, out of fear, you can’t accompany beautiful stray dogs that would give you something to be someone else’s. And I’m nobody – he told Pas dr vet magazine. med. Budimir Grubić, director of JKP Veterina Belgrade.


It is in vain to tell a man that he is afraid of something that there is no reason to feel that way, and to advise him not to be afraid anymore. There are many people who are afraid of stray dogs, but there are some useful tips on how to behave in the presence of stray dogs. And the fear will go away, according to Dog Magazine.

Is it true that dogs can “flower” fear and therefore respond with aggression?

Fear is really transmitted to man by the dog. When a person feels fear, the pheromones are released as the dog feels, so he begins to feel the fear himself. The dog rarely bites because it is really aggressive, but it is a personal assessment to be attacked or not. He reacts accordingly, and the reaction is usually barking. People are the ones who react clumsily in moments, so they usually start clapping their hands. This is basically the same situation as when we chase bees – if we make sudden movements, they will surely sting us. The most important thing is that a person is calm. I know it’s much easier for me to tell people what to do at a given time, but if they remember what we’re talking about, they’ll see that there’s really no reason to be afraid – says JKP Veterina director . Belgrade Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Budimir Grubic.

Many may say that it is easy for you to say that because you have never been bitten or attacked by a dog. How do you answer them?

I think there are no more than 0.5 percent of dogs on this planet that could attack me. Let’s say there are three percent of them that will attack at any given time. Everything else is a coincidence, that is, the evaluation of the dog on the way to defend “his territory”, or the man scared and caused a reaction in the dog with some gesture or shouting. I really don’t want to favor aggressive dogs at every point, but it’s my duty to explain how we are usually responsible for the attack. I’m told I haven’t been bitten by any dog, so it’s easy for me to talk. But that’s exactly what I did, because I don’t have supernatural abilities, but I have a positive connotation towards dogs, animals in general, like a veterinarian who has been treating this business for 40 years. Disability is when, out of fear, you can’t walk so many cute dogs out of the way that you would do anything in this world to be someone’s, and no one’s. It’s infinitely sad – explains our interlocutor.

Once, however, you had a “close encounter”, no less with a Sharplanin. How did he react when he ran out of the garden and stood in front of you?

Fear must not control our actions. And it is not said in vain that a beautiful word and an iron door open. Two decades ago, I went to Sharplan’s farm in Mali Mokri Lug, and when I was in front of the house, Sharplan’s Jarbo ran out of the yard and we met him in the face. I don’t know why, but I said, ‘My beautiful, small, orange dog.’ It has nothing to do with Sharplanin, of course, but that’s what I said. And the dog stopped, and then sat down. I was shocked. Then my hand approached him, and he would lie to me if I told you now that it was really my intention to nail him. I made him unconscious. I caressed her, licked her and followed me into the garden. He went to his box as if it were nothing. The next time you meet a dog on the street, address him with a nice phrase, beat him. And you will see that this is the best recipe – advises Dr. Budimir Grubić.

However, there are also those dogs that have a “shorter fuse,” which are traumatized. Does the same “recipe” apply to them?

A dog that has been irritated several times, hit two or three times, scared four times … of course there are consequences. Do the same to the man and think he’s going to start biting. The most important thing is to never run away. No dog, or more dog, will attack you when you turn to him – says our interlocutor.

Should we squat or squat when we encounter an unknown dog?

By nature, man is much bigger than a dog. They have to be careful not to get in the way of the human eye. Eye contact is very important, always establish it without fear. Bend slightly and extend your hand slightly to the dog, arm, never palms. If you come across a package, make contact with the dog who first approached you, with the package owner – Dr. Grubić advises.

And how do you get around the owner’s dog, with a leash, if we want to buy it?

It is, among other things, a matter of education. Always ask “Can I get your dog?” And not only to be polite, but while talking to the owner and the dog being guided (on a leash) he is encouraged to change his view of observation and his previous activities. That’s how they’ll notice you – our interlocutor points out.

Unfortunately, dogs also attack children. Do you have any special advice for children and parents?

The largest number of offenses occurs in the school yard. Half of the children feed the dogs, they are not afraid, and their parents have taught them that it is nice to feed the dog by the way. However, it happens that the dog jumps on the child to ride, or asks for a bite, and the child who is afraid pushes the dog. Thrust and fear provoke an aggressive reaction. We can not tell children not to be afraid, but we can educate them and their parents how to react in such situations – says Dr. Grubić for Magazin Pas.

When you encounter an abandoned dog or pack, do the following:

Address him with a nice sentence, beat him

Make eye contact

Bend a little

Slightly extend your hand towards the dog (upper fist, palm down)

If you encounter a pack, establish communication with the dog approaching you first

Never run away



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