Sustainability as a way of life: a small modern home makes good use of water resources

Look at a small modern house designed to collect and store rainwater with installed systems that take it further around all the rooms …

Sustainable architecture is a way in which we can have a big impact on the collective carbon footprint, and also on the construction industry, which is a leader in the emission of harmful substances. The more sustainable our structures are, the more effective our fight against planetary pollution is, and Go House is an ideal example of such a concept.

The word “wai” itself means “water” in the Maori language, and this element is at the heart of the design of a modern architectural concept located in New Zealand. The focus of this project is on water collection and its more sustainable use.

The house itself is built of sustainable materials: cedar is used for the exterior cladding, and the interior uses cement with recycled plastic instead of sand. The interior has an almost Japanese-inspired aesthetic that is quite elegant in itself, without disturbing the environment in which it is located.


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