Take a look at an eco-friendly hotel built in a wetland

An eco-friendly hotel built on a marshy lake? Yes it is possible! After all, we’re already used to such incredible construction projects in China, aren’t we?

This is a restored wetland of Yangbei Lake, which is divided into larger and smaller parts by a long strip. These two parts are then connected by a wooden arched bridge and surrounded by a large area of ​​water and vegetation – natural elements that allow you to enjoy the unique landscape, but also excellent privacy.

The team of architects and designers decided to take advantage of these benefits and create scattered pensions that fully respect the surrounding nature, without losing any of their comfort. Seven cottages have been created, which are arranged along the shore of the island to be the closest to the coast, and thus enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding area throughout the day.

Called the Wetland Eco Hotel, this unusual eco-friendly complex consists of two types of rooms that are randomly arranged and designed with the intention of creating a sense of life under one large roof. As this is based on a design that increases the proportion of space under the eaves, the intention is to connect the living space directly with nature.

The interior meets the basic needs of life, while most of the time the open space provides the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lake and mountains and feel the nature. Morphologically, the two large sloping triangular roofs cover the entire room, which is sloping at one end. The clear glass façade is combined with a large roof, limiting the range and direction of view.


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