The “combs” have arrived, everything is ready for A LASCA

Author: Milovan Longinov

Wednesday 04.08.2021.



An important European match will be played tomorrow evening at the “Karađorđe” stadium in Novi Sad, where, as part of the third qualifying round for the Conference League, the national Vojvodina team and the Austrian LASK will meet. An extremely interesting match is planned, in which all those present at the stadium and those who will watch the match via television will have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Preparations for this match are already well advanced. Also, the day before the game, you can practically say that everything is ready for the game. Coach Slavoljub Djordjevic’s players were released from their duties in the Serbian Super League last year, which helped them cool down and be more ready for the match against LASK. Tickets for the match have been on sale since yesterday, and by decision of FC Vojvodina, part of the proceeds from the sale will be transferred to humanitarian purposes, considering that 200 dinars from each ticket sold will be donated to help deal with seven months. old Boško Gugleta of Novi Sad, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and needs expensive external treatment.

On top of all this, in the past few days, work was in full swing for the renovation of the “Karađorđe” stadium, so UEFA, to the great satisfaction of all Vojvodina fans, has always given permission for the match against to LASK to play in Sad News. During the day, the so-called “Pettini”, which will be placed at the entrance, which was one of the preconditions for Vojvodina to receive “Karađorđe” tomorrow, and not elsewhere.

Today, the president of FC Vojvodina Dragoljub Samardzic, the director of the stadium Dragomir Tanovic, the secretary Aleksandar Vlaskalic, the director of FC “Vujadin Boskov” Mladen Kukic and the security commissioner of FC Vojvodina Tomislav Knezevic also visited the “Karadjordje” stadium. all relevant parts of the stadium and have jointly stated that everything is ready for tomorrow’s match.


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