The expansion of the school prevents deforestation and becomes a comfortable place to study

Today, we bring you a photo in Poland, namely the place of Wesola, where an unusual school building is located, which was significantly enlarged last year.

And what’s most fascinating about this project is the fact that the building renovation process has really saved 20 beautiful trees that have now become an inseparable part of the school property. Expansion of the school was inevitable, but the specific location needed a better solution than cutting down the forest. Since there was an abandoned high ground behind the school, a decision was made to move the new building to that part of the property, and to leave the forest intact.

The new location provided more space so that it was possible to create full-size classrooms to create enough space for learning, individual therapy, meeting holding and the creation of special toilets for people with disabilities.

The new space is equipped with a walk-in closet, themed classrooms with a pantry, language and art classrooms, sensory and therapy rooms. Since it is a calendar where older children take classes in art and music education only once a week, a multifunctional concept has been devised that includes the separation of space with movable walls. In this way, the school truly monitors the work of the children and adapts perfectly to their daily needs when it comes to learning.

The most difficult aspect of the project was to connect the new part of the school with the old one and set the levels, especially because the building had to be accessible to people with disabilities. Due to these specific construction requirements, the length of the connection and the level of the new part were determined by the parameters of the wheelchair ramp, while one meter of ground was removed from the top of the wheelchair. the embankment so that things in this part of the school were safe for everyone.

In this way, the school building is not only successful in its mission of protecting the surrounding trees, but also providing its students with a beautiful view of the green trees throughout the day.

photo: xystudio


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