The old door becomes an irresistible corner shelf in a few steps!

If the idea of ​​plastic shelving is unacceptable to you, we advise you to rely on your masterful skills and move on to business, which is to make a corner shelf from an old door. Yes, believe it or not, but this is probably the easiest way to get to the desired furniture in a second. And without much trouble, because the door itself already has the necessary length that will allow the creation of more space – that is, shelves that can go from floor to ceiling at best. To create this shelf, reserve two door wings at the beginning (one width can also be cut into two parts), which you will close or mount (with a drill) at the desired angle after decoration.

In general, for this project you only need a very good will that will go a long way in washing the wood because, as you can imagine, the door should be clean, polished and preferably decorated in such a way as to give the house a rustic, or at least as natural looking as possible. Of course, if you already have another (thematic) idea in mind, then feel free to opt for that option, but at least try to bring your door to perfection – paint, paint in one or more colors and the like.

Source: blog.countrychicpaint

photo: blog.countrychicpaint


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