The pop art interior recalls the funniest and most extravagant side of life

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s as a reaction to abstract expressionism …

When we talk about pop art, it’s impossible not to talk about its rebellious spirit, desire for constant change, diversity and unquestionable entertainment that simply “screams” at all of its products. Pop art is really created to surprise and entertain people, and this is also applied to interior design, which in this case seems unusual, expressive, contrasting and bright.

Its main features are the colors of the rainbow, the use of plastic and repetitive elements, as well as bright shapes that can not go unnoticed. In pop art, the material is sometimes visually removed from the familiar context, isolated or even intentionally combined with completely unrelated material. Here is the charm of this design: it does not refer so much to the art itself, but to the attitudes that led to that art itself.

The color scheme in the pop art style is bright and conflicting – if you plan to try something like this in your home, I suggest choosing two contrasting bright colors and adding a neutral one to balance. As you can see today in our small photo gallery, the apartment we have chosen as an example of modern pop art interior design, perfectly shows how the impressive colors should not be referred only to the walls and furniture, but they can be accents such as fabrics, upholstery, painting on the walls …

The interior style in the pop art style is very emotional, but at the same time energetic, so it is especially close to young people who are ready for a fast life and constant movement. The object of pop art is to surprise, to lead to a state of light shock, so such spaces are full of this – everything can be said about them, except that they leave a sense of indifference.

The bright colors are meant to remind you of the supermarket windows that sell everything that can be used in the interior, and the portraits of popular consumer products are presented as works of art, even if they are made of plastic and synthetic. Functional objects have an attractive shape and the posters on the walls warn us to pay attention to the extravagant but also more fun side of life.


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