The power of Flowers has never been stronger or brighter!

Flower Power is an incredibly interesting chandelier designed with the intention of bringing a little spring atmosphere into your home.

A great solution as a decorative item, but also as an efficient chandelier and a reflector that will perfectly illuminate your home, the Flower Power collection is a combination of functionality and design with a natural feel. This interesting collection could be called a creative combination of transparent materials, bright colors and fascinating compositions.

The lamp combines modular lighting and natural inspiration, a concept that is based on VG’s specialization in artificial flower design and its continuous adaptation. The unusual chandelier has really reversed the assumption of verticality, because its roots are in the air while the flowers are turning.


The fallen leaves and flowers gracefully intertwined with the exceptional Murano glass, which is the perfect way to bring a touch of glamor and optimism even to the most tenuous interior. This collection is a kind of stylized ode to the younger season and reveals a unique moment of nature’s awakening.

The composition of this bright installation consists of countless beautiful delicate tulips, delicate rose petals, but also subtle half-shades of spring flowers. The charm of the flora continues to travel through all the seasons, interpreting this bright element with lotus and orchid flowers, as well as ivy and poppy.

The Flower Power chandelier thus reveals to us the essence of spring and shows the subtle beauty mixed with the exceptional emotions that appear calm and imperceptible, like the first rays of the sun. The soft lighting inside the thin petals gives us a glimpse of the beauty of nature that we so often overlook.


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