The smart skin diffuser will give you a complete sensory experience

The AIROUND home diffuser and its perfume not only lift your mood, but also allow you to stay relaxed. In addition, it improves the feeling of calm and allows you to stay focused.

The diffuser looks really luxurious and becomes a real decorative element of your home. The outer cover of the diffuser is made of two Poltrone Frau leather discs, which are sewn by hand. It is available in four different colors and has a diameter of 24 cm.

In terms of technical features, the diffuser can hold up to three fragrances at once: Milano, Buongiorno and Luce di Colonia and automatically releases the fragrance. The speaker can also be operated via the phone app when you’re not at home. The application allows you to diffuse odors by choosing the density and type of aroma.

In addition to the smart home diffuser, renowned Italian brands have also introduced a car diffuser that is also available in the same round leather case, but is smaller. It can be easily attached to the ventilation of the car with the help of a magnet, which will allow you to start your day with a relaxing and sweet aroma.


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