These are the kinds of women you have to be with at least once in your life!

April 12, 2022

First Right: These are the types of women you should be dating at least once in your life!

Most men have a certain type of woman and think about how they want their life partner to look like. But sex and sex experts say that every man should be first with these women.

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alpha woman

She’s more experienced than you, maybe she’s older, and she’s certainly wiser. It’s not about a girl having a fun party with friends and watching nice guys at a bar. This kind of woman knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. But only men who have enough self-confidence and do not doubt their masculinity can be with her. If you are in a relationship with such a woman, do not wait to add. It’s just the opposite and you wouldn’t succeed otherwise.

Successful but modest

You meet through mutual friends. Her dinners at home always turn into mini parties because she is sociable and friendly. She knows how to behave in any situation, you are relaxed with her and you know that she will never make a scene and that she will always adapt to the new situation. This type of woman is always a material for long relationships and doesn’t expect her to agree to a night out.

Sexy is elusive

He rarely gets up before noon. She still has tousled hair and dark makeup around her eyes from last night’s party. Her body is beautiful and toned from evening and evening dancing at clubs and festivals, and that’s where she meets. Don’t expect a long relationship from her, just unforgettable fun.

Good friend

You always admired her, but she was part of the team, like one of the boys. That’s why it seemed impossible to ever become your girlfriend. But, one evening you were left alone and you noticed how beautiful, feminine and sweet she is … After a couple of drinks and relaxed socializing, that moment and sex happened. Now the only question is how things develop more – a new relationship or unpleasant moments full of regrets.

Crazy girl

Women of this type usually love the arts, teach children and have a completely different pace of life than others. They’re like a cool breeze in the middle of hot summer days and have unusual ideas. Maybe they’ll take you to a party where drinks are drunk from big jars or share everything about tantric sex with you. Sounds perfect, isn’t it. The only problem is that someone who is not such a person will get tired of the weirdness after a while.

One mistake, one big mistake

Your boss, girlfriend of best friend or wife date. Even if only once, you will probably be persecuted for a long time. These are usually short and passionate things after you feel bad. And that’s why there are so many big mistakes that we can’t resist.



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