These are unusual signs that reveal if there are geniuses in you!


Smart people then lose their virginity and masturbate more often

Smarter people will be less intimate with other people – judging by research that included students from prestigious universities, which shows that more successful students have fewer sexual partners and lose their virginity much later than students.

An explanation? There are several, and one of them suggests the following: intelligence affects the level of sex hormones, such as testosterone. In addition, smarter people are more aware of the risks of lucrative sex, and are more focused on studying, so they have less time for social life. Independent entertainment and abstinence seem, in this case, to be a better choice.


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Genes are “night birds”

Smarter people tend to ignore certain established social norms, so they often have their own personal assumptions about how they behave and how they spend time. A study conducted at an economics school in London shows that smart people are more prone to insomnia, and one of the explanations is “increased mental activity” in such people, which is often “extended” and late at night.

Intelligence and alcoholism

Yes. Smarter people are more likely to increase their consumption of alcoholic beverages. This claim is supported by the fact that many great literary minds have liked to “take a look at a glass,” even though recent research shows that the trend toward alcoholism among smarter people is declining.

Smart women have bigger breasts

It would be great, but unfortunately it is not scientifically proven. Although numerous studies have shown that there is a link between intelligence and breast size, none of these studies have been officially accepted.

A common hobby

A study that investigated the preferences of smart people found that people with a higher IQ usually have fairly mundane hobbies rather than some extravagant ones as one might expect. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that people who are engaged in increased mental work need a simple way of relaxation that will not require too much mental activity from them.

Their goals and commitment are often considered meaningless by society

History testifies that people of genius often had a tendency to devote their time, and even their whole life, to strange and meaningless purposes. At least that’s what society thought. Later, it was often revealed that they were right, and their “meaningless purposes” became important inventions or in some way marked and indebted humanity.
John Alexander Newlands was ridiculed by the scientific community when he was dealing with the periodic table, and the Wright brothers were also called fraudsters when they demonstrated their first flight. Gregor Mendel, the “father of genetics,” was ignored by his fellow scientists.

Explanation: Ingenious minds often see the world through “different eyes” than others, so their intentions and actions are sometimes difficult to understand, especially because they are often ahead of their time.

Intelligence is often associated with eccentricity, as well as mental illness

So at least research claims. From eccentricity to serious mental illness. Smarter people often have trouble adapting to the “ordinary world”. Tesla was afraid of human hair, and Leonardo da Vinci, experts say, had concentration disorders. There was often a very fine line between “freaks” and geniuses.


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