This house is proof that architecture can overcome all the challenges of nature

This beautiful house by the sea is proof that architecture sometimes has to (and can!) Face the biggest natural challenges, and win in them …

Simple in appearance, and with an even simpler name (sand house), this building is located in the northeast of Brazil and has a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Immersed in a tropical forest leading to a lush beach, the house has reduced its functional share to a minimum and left enclosed spaces such as corridors and corridors.

In other words, the closed part is reduced only to the basic living spaces, which are further condensed into five separate parts – the so-called “life capsules”, each of which is dedicated to a function. Thus, the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom and another smaller guest room stand out.

All of these capsules rest on an elongated rectangular wooden part that is slightly raised above the ground, while the entire structure is covered by a rustic eucalyptus pergola supported by 14 laminated wooden frames.

photo: Fernando Guerra


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