Tips and ideas for equipping the perfect red kitchen

Here are some tips and ideas that can serve as first aid in equipping a “fire kitchen”:

– Opt for the perfect color combination: keep in mind that red can go very well with mustard yellow, green and gold, and not just white and black

– if you’re not a big fan of red and want to add a little fire element to your kitchen, you can always opt for a slightly softer, quieter variant that you can also “break” with wood or kitchen elements in a neutral, sweeter shade.

– In addition, you can opt for a single unique piece of red detail such as a refrigerator or a larger kitchen island that will represent the central part of the kitchen and thus be quite impressive when it comes to furnishing.

– Red minimalism can be achieved by choosing the appropriate kitchen elements in this color that you will place on the background in the form of crystal white walls, and for something similar you can always use milky white lighting more effectively.

– if you’re a big fan of red, feel free to “immerse” yourself in it and allow everything but everything: from kitchen cabinets and wallpaper to shelves and accessories to be of this color, and then add a bit of gold only to break the boredom

– Some original and unexpected details like a shelf full of cookbooks, vegetables on all sides or a counter with unusual bar stools in an intense contrasting color (like lemon yellow) can be a real refreshment and a treat. ideal for decorating a red kitchen.

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