Tips and ideas for furnishing a home in a contemporary style

Even if you sometimes think that the interior furnished in a modern style are cool and minimalist, the truth is still a little different …

In essence, the modern style of decor is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, natural textures and clean lines. The interior tends to promote space rather than things. In fact, the term “things” means modern and current pieces that define the so-called “style of the moment.” Focusing on color, space and shape, modern interiors are elegant and fresh, comfortable and pleasant without being crowded and dark. The features of this style are as follows:

Use of color

Neutral, black and white are the main colors in the interior of a modern style. Black is often used for flooring and defines a room in a contemporary style. The palette is often muted and accented with bright and bold colors that play against neutrals. With the walls painted in a basic neutral color, you get a wonderful backdrop for bold color accessories. However, follow the rule: if the walls and windows are painted in pastel colors, the decor should be neutral. If the wall is a light and bold color, neutral colors should be used for additional decoration.

Line and space

The most obvious and most expressive element of the modern style interior design is the line. Whether straight or horizontal straight lines or curved shapes, strong visible lines are evident in every home in a contemporary style. The line is found in architectural details, the use of bold colors, high ceilings, bare windows and geometric shapes in mural art and sculpture. The bare space on the walls, between the furniture and the upper parts, becomes as important as the spaces full of objects. In the modern interior, less is more, and each piece is distinguished as individual and unique.

Contemporary style furniture

The pieces of furniture should give a bold statement, but at the same time they should be simple and uncluttered, with no curves or decorations. Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white or other neutral tones, with natural fibers found in wool, cotton, linen, silk or jute to add texture. Pillows of pure geometric shapes can also be used for this purpose. Use a basic neutral background and add your favorite color in the form of a special piece of furniture that will become a focal point at the same time.


The floors in the house in a modern style should be bare and smooth. The most commonly used materials are wood, tile, or vinyl, and if you need to use a rug to control sound or heat, choose a standard shape, or opt for simple rugs with a geometric pattern.

Moderate art

Frames in glossy or matte black finish, natural wood or metal are ideal for works of art. If you are going to put several pieces together, stick them together in a way that creates the sense of a gallery, but try to respect moderation in every way possible. Don’t paint the rooms in a contemporary style with collections of artwork, because, we remind you – in these interiors, open space is often as important as the pieces you put in it.

Other design elements

The generous use of metal, stone or clear glass works well in a room decorated in a contemporary style. To reinforce and warm the space, use one-color fabrics with strong textures in the form of pillows or rugs. Colored patterns should be avoided because they confuse ordinary space, which is crucial for a home in a contemporary style. Contrasting two-tone patterns are a good idea, so feel free to add a pillow with a zebra print to a black leather chair, or a large pillow with a leopard print on your leopard print. A bold striped rug with a strong texture reinforces elegant furniture of one color.

Dramatic freshness

Large, “dramatic” plants and flowers work well in modern rooms, especially if they are in simpler pots. Large flowers with interesting leaves work better than small arrangements. If space allows, place direct lights on top of a large plant on the floor. Keep the arrangements clean with decorative stones or pieces of bark placed on the ground in pots.

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