Traditional and modern: a resort with an unusual roof

We invite you to visit with us a beautiful Indonesian resort that is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity …

The intention of the design was to create a structure that fits well into the natural environment, integrates into the folk or traditional context and at the same time represents something invisible, almost experimental. An innovative approach to architecture has given rise to various ideas, which then merge into an unconventional and special form that, I agree, leaves no one indifferent.

The most interesting part of this building is certainly the original roof, which seems to blur the boundaries between the famous A-frame and the standard construction options. The theme of the living room roof is a double-height space that is dramatically folded with the intention of directing the view of tenants toward the hallway, and then to the outside of the living room. This ribbed design articulates various material concepts, using wood which contributes to the warm atmosphere of a tropical home.

With an L-shaped floor plan, open to adjacent rice fields, the building occupies the middle of the courtyard and includes a pool area and a large deck. All rooms are located on the second floor, and when you enter these areas, the material changes significantly.

A large clear glass is used for the facade to create a better connection with the outside, while the back wall of the building acts as a protective barrier that not only reduces noise, but contributes to a better feeling. privacy of all who are in this beautiful building.


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