Traditionally it shouldn’t be boring, and this English house is proof of that!

There are several details here that catch our attention. From the pantry with contrasting terracotta tiles, to the second living room in the back of the house with double-height roofs and a special fireplace for a complete atmosphere in the winter months.

And when we get tired of the events on the ground floor, we can always use the last staircase that leads to the first floor where there are four large rooms, one of which is used as a library. Interestingly, all of these rooms are connected by a specific hallway lined with seaweed rugs – this is certainly another chic detail that we immediately stole and put in our homes, right?

And as if that wasn’t enough, the street leads us to the second floor where there is a master bedroom with a large closet and a separate bathroom, while the other room on the same level is used as space. of work. Along with the attic, this part of the house definitely exudes a unique, mysteriously mysterious atmosphere that fits into that treasure trove of secrets from the beginning of our history.

However, this is a house that has taught us some important lessons regarding the traditional style of interior design. As you can see for yourself, sometimes just a good organization of all those good old or proven details is enough to make the classics inspiring enough for our modern, contemporary age.



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