Uncertainty in midfield, Zvezda weakened against Radnicki?

Red Star football coach Dejan Stankovic He announced today that his team should be focused for all 90 minutes on the match against Radnički Niš.

“When a team that has no competitive motive comes to us, it can be extremely dangerous. We talked about the two previous games we played with Radnicki in our field, and where we created a lot of chances, but we didn’t realize it. “ said Stankovic, as reported by the club.

Stankovic added that they did “Miss back on the road in Nis”When Zvezda celebrated convincingly.

“I expect a strong defensive block, transition, counter and semi-counter. We have to be ready and focused every 90 minutes.”he said.

Zvezda’s coach said he was not sure Ivanic and Sanogo could play tomorrow.

“Ivanic just missed a competitive game. Today we have training and we’ll see what happens to him. Sanogo has had a fever for two days, but I hope he will work with the team today. We’ll see how they feel, and make a comeback. decision based on that ”.said Stankovic.

Stanković also believes that “progress is seen in everyone on the team” and that as a “young coach” he feels “privileged and proud” to work for the Red Star.

“I have a stable club behind me, a phenomenal professional staff and guys who are better day by day. A set and a whole, that also promises for the future.” said the red and white coach.

Stankovic also referred to the games provided by Aleksandar Katai and said that he is a player “who can always be trusted” and that he “works for the team for all 90 minutes”. Stankovic added that he believes Katai “deserves to take the title of the best player in the league.”

The Red Star footballers will host Radnički Niš tomorrow at 5pm in the fifth round of the Serbian Super League playoffs.


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