Virtus uses the situation in CSKA, a million and a half for a big boost !?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led, among other things, to the suspension of Russian clubs from European basketball competitions, which has also resulted in the departure of a large number of foreign players from the ranks of the ” Army “.

One of those leaving the CSKA team is Daniel Hackett, and Virtus wants to use it as soon as possible.

“Tutosport” said that Virtus has offered Hackett a one and a half million euro contract until June 2023. However, Heckett has not yet finished his contract with the Muscovites, and the deadline for doing so is on March 8, so the Bologna club can register him.

On that occasion, Virtus CEO Luka Baraldi said in a statement to “Gazeta delo Sport” that he had confirmed his interest in Hackett, and that if they did not associate him now, they would try to do so. June and that Hackett is his only goal in this mini transition period.


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