What colors of the closet look great in combination with a dark kitchen floor?

Dark wood flooring, made of walnut or colored brown oak, is one of the most interesting style choices for any kitchen.

The option of traditional dark wood floors can be used with a wide choice of kitchen colors to produce an appearance that is bright and airy or dramatic. When you see dark floors in a room, there are almost always darker variants of hardwood. Colored floors, such as black tiles, are a much less common type of dark flooring.

When combined with light walls, dark wood floors can really open up a space. Light-colored walls and roofs contrast with dark floors, and since there are more walls than floors, there will be more light than darkness.

Dark wood enhances the feeling of warmth, intimacy and privacy. Don’t be afraid to play with different shades, review color schemes and try different shades of deep and dramatic colors on your kitchen plans. The possibilities are endless if you want to make a beautiful contrast or you are more for the rustic look of the kitchen.


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