What to do to miss a man

May 10, 2022

10 tips: What to do to miss a man

Sometimes it’s good to give a man what he wants: a chance to chase …

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Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, here are ten tips to do everything to miss the man you are interested in.

Men are complicated beings. They need constant attention, lots of love and love to be “hunted” for the women who care about them. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance to do a relationship job. That’s why sometimes it’s best to step back a little and make him miss you. Whatever situation you find yourself in, below are 10 tips for making yourself crazy.

Sometimes it’s good to give a man what he wants: a chance to pursue.

If you are in a relationship

If you’re in a relationship and you feel like your spark has started to come out, don’t despair immediately. Over time, this happens to most couples if they are not working on their relationship. Give your partner a chance to do a little for you. Here’s how you can do it.

Tell him how you spent the day

One of the best ways to keep your partner safe is to have fun without them. He wants to be a part of your life and wants to make you happy so he will try to gain your attention to show that you can have a good time in his company too.

Not being available for him at all times

If your friend sends you a message, don’t reply to him or her the next second, unless it’s necessary. Give it some time, let it wonder what’s going on. This will intrigue him even more. Answer him only after a few hours so he will know that you know how to spend time without him.

Treat him with unforgettable sex

Your partner will be extremely grateful if you give him an unforgettable party in bed and why he wants you even more. So do your best, use your imagination and give an unforgettable sex that will be remembered for life. If your spouse does not seem interested, behave the same and remain indifferent. That will certainly arouse his interest.

Ignore it

If your partner treats you cold, play the same game. Just pretend you’re too busy to talk to him. Let him approach you first. Sometimes men need the opportunity to fail. Give them a chance.

If you are no longer together

If you and your spouse are no longer in a relationship and you want to break up, then you need to play a slightly different game.

It looks perfect

The first rule is when you want your ex to look amazing without him. It will drive them crazy and hurt their egos. If you know you will appear in a place where your ex will be, do your best and see your best.

Show off with someone else

Appear in a public place with another man if you know your ex will also be present. Of course, he will remember all the moments with you, and this will suddenly make you miss him terribly and want you back.

Be kind

When you meet your loved one in a place, treat him politely, as if he were an old friend and not an ex-lover.

Be happy without him

Don’t despair, because it won’t work. In such situations he can only pity you. You have to be happy and cheerful without him noticing. No one will miss a desperate ex-girlfriend.

Bring your favorite perfume

If you sincerely want to make me miss you, then put on your favorite perfume. It will remind you of all the moments together and you will suddenly miss them.

Sometimes it’s hard to make men miss you, but with a little effort, anything is possible. Be patient and don’t forget – men love to hunt. Give them a chance.

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