Why is good lighting needed in every kitchen?

Chandeliers, ceiling lights, recessed lights, LEDs – are they confused by all these “modern” options when it comes to kitchen lighting?

We believe that a good portion of you are not sure that the above is the smartest thing to choose for the most ordinary dining kitchen. That’s why we called in experts to help, explaining the different types of lighting and the main things to consider when planning a functional but also aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.

For most of us, the kitchen is a favorite place to work and prepare delicious meals, but also a rather hectic place from morning to night. Good lighting is essential because it not only allows you to do chores like cooking, cutting and cleaning safely, but also to add something special to this space.

That’s why it’s crucial to plan your lighting on time, more precisely in the design phase. Moving lamps after the installation of a kitchen can be expensive: remodeling and painting means that costs can increase rapidly.

Another equally important item is the so-called stratification of light, i.e. it creates different shades of light, plays with shade and uses colors to highlight the best features of the room. Below we bring you this text five mandatory layers of light which you should provide to your kitchen as soon as possible.


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