Why purple is the perfect color for your bathroom?

There are few colors that have the power to attract attention in such a unique and exclusive way as purple …

No matter what shade you prefer, violet is a color that will transform any space in the blink of an eye into an exciting and unique place. The bathroom is no exception in this regard, because you can be sure that in this part of the house, the violet will work sensationally, and at the same time provide a comfortable and warm angle for relaxation.

Purple baths are not as common as blue or green, but this is exactly the characteristic that distinguishes them from the crowd. This color is the perfect choice if you are looking to achieve that striking balance between a soothing but refined bath that will dissolve all your torments after a long and hard day.

Numerous shades of violets make a different color that can be used either to emphasize specific architectural features or to create a relaxing background. It is best to use a lighter shade of violet with a matte finish in case you plan to cover the bathroom wall with lots of violets. Bright purple shades with a bright finish are best when used in small doses.

Don’t hesitate too much to use violet even in a small bathroom, because it can give the space serenity and elegance that eliminates any sense of claustrophobia. However, make sure that the bathroom is as organized as possible and avoid any other bright colors. Purple is the perfect color for bathrooms with exotic themes such as Moroccan, Mediterranean, Asian and Victorian, because it almost adds another layer of intrigue and luxury to such settings.

Combining purple with white may sound like a traditional idea, but it’s a classic that still works! Consider dividing the bath into two halves so that the purple and white take each of them. Of course, you can always use purple in a much less obvious way – an accent purple wall or even new shower tiles will suffice in this case. A traditional spa-style bathroom can also benefit from curtains and purple accent wallpaper, which can be easily turned off when you’re tired of the full look.


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