Wine as medicine is a beautiful gift

December 31, 2021

Wine as medicine is a beautiful gift

Numerous published studies around the world, including a study by scientists at the prestigious Harvard University that tracked 12,000 men with high blood pressure for 12 years, show that those who drink red wine in moderation are less likely to have a heart attack. .


In addition, Canadian experts say that people who drink wine occasionally have a 13 percent lower chance of developing diabetes, and this drink helps with sore throat, toothache, flu …

The wine is a symbol of elegance and good taste, tradition and sincere friendship. We give good wine to those to whom we have become. Experts say that it goes best with fish, and as the time comes, then a bottle of wine is definitely the best gift. In addition, we are going to meet the greatest glory among the Serbs, St. Nicholas. On this day, of course, most bottles of wine will be purchased by guests.

You can find a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines at online sellers in our wine shop.

Vranac from Tvrdoš Monastery is known for the aromas of dried cranberries and friendly notes of toast. The acids are alive, trembling and last until the end, in which the pure taste of ripe cherries is recognized.

Photo: Promo

Tvrdoš vranac 0.75 l

If you like pleasant notes of citrus, with an intense aroma of apple, pear and peach enriched with gentle tones of vanilla, the good choice is Zvonko Bogdan chardonnay.

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Zvonko Bogdan Chardonnay



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