Wireless coffee grinder that you can take with you anywhere

This portable coffee grinder is the latest marvel of technology that allows you to make your favorite drink on the go, without fear of having to bother with cables …

Called the all-in-one, this coffee grinder is a wireless device with integrated methods of making coffee on the go. Lately, coffee machines tend to be multifunctional enough, that is, to combine different mechanisms of making coffee into a single machine. An integrated mill is an option that has been lacking until now, but thanks to a designer named Locus Hsu, this problem has been solved!

Reducing the machine to a handheld device, Hsu’s multifunctional coffee grinder is about the same size as the average small bottle of water. Suitable for camping or traveling, the multifunction coffee grinder can be packed in any suitcase or hand luggage to keep your hand at rest. Also, the device comes in a separate felt bag which certainly enhances the overall design.

The device consists of three primary modules, and maintains its power core and key control interface at the highest module, just above the charging cradle. In the center of the appliance, there is a space that is full of coffee beans for grinding, and the grinding process begins by turning the top module.


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