With red for a perfectly blue Easter egg?

Another completely natural way to paint Easter eggs.

This is probably one of the most locally grown homemade varieties I could have ever imagined that would produce a sky blue effect on Easter eggs. And what is definitely the best in the whole story is the fact that each egg from the sherpa comes out with its own shade, so expect all the possible variations – from the beautiful baby pink, to the green-blue to the complete dark.

The recipe couldn’t be easier – all you need are eggs (white) that will boil and remove with the vinegar first to ensure maximum color absorption. And then take care of the “painting” in which half of the chopped red cabbage and 2 liters of water go. Soak the chicken in water for about 30 minutes, then strain the water and dip the eggs in it.

If you want the eggs to get softer shades – leave them briefly in the water, while for darker colors they are free to leave the eggs soaking overnight.

The result is pretty good, isn’t it?

photo: pinterest


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