Your mattress is an ideal base for millions of mites

November 11, 2021

Your mattress is an ideal base for millions of mites

Everyone knows that mattresses are an ideal environment for living mites, but most people don’t know what these parasites look like under a microscope.


The University of Ohio lab has made a video in which the mites can be seen microscopically.

The video shows these creatures surrounded by their own yellow stools, and experts say they can expel stools up to 20 times during the day.

Mites are very small creatures, about a quarter of a millimeter long and cause allergies in a large number of people.

They feed on pieces of human skin and are attracted to moisture, so mattresses, pillows and upholstered furniture are the ideal environment for them.

Dr. Lisa Akerley, a hygiene expert, says that as many as 10 million mites can be hidden in a mattress, adding that after two years of use, the pillow will become ten percent heavier because of the mites. and their feces.

In general, mites are not dangerous, but these parasites can cause allergic reactions, eczema, fever, and experts note that they are the cause of asthma in 80 percent of people.



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